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Disaster as insipid as water transition

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Needless to say, a three piece of information on the eve of the "boring" is a preposition version, has been published from the Panda Man mystery data, is like wow gold...After the "double battle" long term, without the presence of racial gained two seat without the sense of existence the main city, although no good doing statistics, but I bet more than 80% of the game player doesn't know Gnomeregan and echo Island leader position where, even more than half of the game player have never been there before the two new cities. Another disaster on the eve of the main task is the twilight pagan god God talk on endlessly, Blizzard too be opinionated think they are CTM story detailed way, in fact, who cares? From the game player perspective can actually feel version transition fun and the memories of things is the most practical. For example, everyone can put on the R13.